House Partaaaay

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 Time to put the ‘Full House’ sign in the window?

Dry January is over and we’re well on our way into a new year and, before you know it, it’ll be exam time. And then? Wild celebrations? If you are planning a party then, or even sooner through the cold weather, just be warned by this story we came across.


A bunch of students had a post-exam party at their house in Amherst Road, attended by a rough estimate of 100 people. Reports said that they were dancing the night away when the floor suddenly gave way and they all started sliding down into the basement. It’s hard to believe that everyone at the party was actually in the same room at the same time though –maybe that’s just dramatic licence, or the alcohol talking.


Ella Dix Nagra, an English student resident at the house, painted a graphic picture of the experience: “I was stood on the edge of the room next to the patio doors, and the floor heaved and started to crumble, and everyone started sliding down. As soon as this happened I tried to get out through the patio door, but the floor lurched down again and then this dust cloud came up. No one could actually get out. I got really squashed because I was right on the edge. Everyone was screaming just proper going it (sic. Student of English?)for trying to escape.”


Paramedics and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue were called and, other than a few bruises, bumps and scrapes, nobody was seriously injured. If you are having a house party or attending one, make sure that the space is not overcrowded and  you know where the exits are.