New take on ‘passing the HP Sauce’

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New take on ‘passing the HP Sauce’

Time was, when you moved into a new house, you would call upon your adopted neighbours with an empty cup and ask politely for some sugar, ostensibly as a way of getting to know them and showing your friendliness. But the advent of social media has changed all that. And, because you’re more likely to be having a quick takeaway rather than a dinner party these days, there’s little need to ask someone to pass the sauce along the table to you.

Fallowfield student Lorna Foster, having a Nando’s with her friends, realised that she didn’t have any ketchup, so decided to try and find some on Fallowfield Students Group Facebook site. She posted: ‘I’ve just ordered my Nando’s and have realised I have no ketchup to accompany my piripiri chips. Anyone near Granville have any spare ketchup? Will just bring my plate to the door and you can just squirt a big dollop all over it.’

Anna Walsh, third year fashion marketing student at UoM, saw the plea and, having just stocked up with the stuff on her shopping trip to Aldi, rushed round to give Lorna a quick squirt, arriving just before the chips had gone cold. This good Samaritan also found herself mentioned in a tweet that has now generated 24,000 likes. She said, “If this doesn’t sum up student life, I dunno what will.”

Maybe just one thing beats that. Recently, via the same site, student Jamie put out a plea for a spare condom and had one duly delivered by a complete stranger. Maybe this could be a new take on student chat-up lines?