Student Rat Rat Ratty Race

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Top Tips for surviving the student rat race

Who better is there for advising how to make the most of student life than a real live student (best not to ask him or her too early in the morning eh?) We’ve just found this lovely little piece in Cosmopolitan magazine, entitled ‘42 tips for students, from students, on how to make the most of uni’. Here are ten of our favourites, not necessarily in order of importance or relevance to your own situation, but a fair reflection on the pros and cons of being part of a group of students in your Manchester Student Houses home.

  1. “Keep your bathroom products in your room. Unless you want to get through a bottle of shampoo a week.” Sheffield student Winnie Agbonlahor, 22.
  2. “Don’t sign up for every society at the Activities Fair. You’ll be bombarded with emails all year.” Swansea student Florence Kennedy, 19.
  3. “Be careful about who you choose to live with. I moved in with a guy who was a great friend but who turned out to be unbelievably messy. It caused many arguments and now we’re nowhere near as close.” Gloucestershire student Kim Parslow, 21.
  4. “Carry a condom.” London student Angela Yussuff. 24.
  5. “Don’t use Wikipedia as a source in essays. I learnt the hard way!” Manchester student Sarah Butcher, 21.
  6. “Keep a full set of playing cards in your room. That way you’re always ready for impromptu drinking games.” Manchester student Richard Panniers, 20.
  7. “Buy earplugs. Your housemates will never keep you awake again.” Sheffield student Becca Holland, 19.
  8. “Live with someone who can cook!” Cardiff student Beth Evans, 21.
  9. “It took me until third year to realise that investing in a mini fridge for your room to stop your food from getting stolen was the best advice.” Cardiff student Laura Tuner, 20.
  10. “Line your stomach with pasta before a night out.” Brunel student Gillian Morgan, 22.

And a personal suggestion from this writer? Add a pint of milk to that, instead of, or as well as the pasta. If you can find one in the communal fridge.

From all this evidence, we can make two deductions: Obviously students don’t trust, or even particularly like, their fellow students. Plus, all students drink to excess. Par for the course really.