Timely advice on staying safe in Fallowfield

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At Manchester Student Houses we take your domestic safety and security very seriously. We go to great lengths to make sure that the property you are renting from us is as safe and secure as possible. But, as you’ve probably heard, there are some unsavoury characters around Fallowfield who seemingly will stop at nothing to separate you from your valuables, with little or no concern for your well-being.

Following a spate of nasty incidents recently, when police reported that some teenagers had been accosting students in the areas of Wilmslow Road and Platt Fields Park, people have been advised to avoid walking alone, particularly at the entrance to the park. The police are increasing their patrols in the area and have issued warnings to students to be on their guard. Chief Inspector Caroline Hemmingway of GMP’s City of Manchester Division said, “The students across Manchester add to the vibrancy of the city. Unfortunately, they are also susceptible to becoming victims of crime. Each term they bring with them thousands of pounds worth of valuables, which is why we would urge them to look after themselves by considering their own safety.”

She added, “By following some simple steps such as being discrete when using mobile phones in public, locking windows and doors at the front and back of properties, as well as keeping valuables out of sight in and out of the home, they can prevent themselves from becoming victims of crime.”

If you are in the unfortunate position of having been burgled at home, here’s some advice on what you should do:

Call the police immediately and don’t touch or disturb anything relating to the crime scene, it might destroy any evidence left by the burglar. Make a note of things that have been stolen or damaged. Contact your insurance provider to make a claim against your policy, advising them of the crime reference number given to you by the police when you reported the crime. And also advise your bank immediately if credit or debit cards have been stolen and they will block your account. Finally of course, let us know at repairs@manchesterstudenthouses.co.ukor phone 07857 958414 and our maintenance manager will review your security, as well as repairing any structural damage.

The police website also has a series of safety videos you are advised to look at. CI Hemmingway stated, “We want to send a clear message to any offender wanting to target students that we will be relentless in our pursuit to bring them to justice and will continue working hard to reduce any opportunities for them.” You have been warned.